SOURCE River West (SOURCE RW) officially opened its doors on the Near West side of Indianapolis on May 23rd, 2017, with a launch party. SOURCE RW is an entrepreneurial education and resource center that emerged from the Near West Great Places 2020 Quality of Life Plan. IUPUI serves as fiscal agent for the first two years to ensure a smooth launch and scale-up. SOURCE RW strives to be a hub for entrepreneurs interested in developing businesses in and near the Near West neighborhoods, particularly in the River West Michigan Street corridor.

The launch event welcomed neighbors and partners into the new center, located at 2230 W. Michigan Street, adjacent to the West Side Community Development Corporation offices. During the event Mark Roger, Center Director, welcomed guests and thanked funders: IUPUI, JPMorgan Chase FoundationCentral Indiana Community Foundation (CICF), Local Initiative Support Coalition (LISC), OfficeWorks, and the Interactive Intelligence Foundation. The locally owned Near West restaurant, Super Tortas, catered the event.



Our education and economic initiatives promote and encourage business ownership by assisting in the launch of entrepreneurial ventures and support start-up to scale-up businesses that create jobs, improve the quality of life, and strengthen the community in Indianapolis’ Near West and central Indiana.

In 2016, Local Initiatives Support Corporate (LISC) designated the Near West/River West a Great Place 2020 neighborhood. The Near West Quality of Life Plan was created by residents and neighborhood stakeholders in response to declining employment and business vacancies in Near West. The Steering Committee identified the need for an entrepreneurship center to serve as a catalyst for economic growth, and SOURCE RW was created to fill that need. 

The IUPUI Office of Community Engagement supports the Near West Quality of Life Plan and River West Great Place on behalf of Indiana University by serving as fiscal agent to support SOURCE RW. IUPUI provides staffing, planning support, grant management, and funding assistance.


Bd. President

Name: Tom O’Neil

Company: OfficeWorks

Title: President

Name: Dr. Toya Crain

Company: Near West

Title: Haughville Resident

Name: Saidah Pearsall

Company: Shea Bodyworks

Title: Founder

Vice President

Name: Matt Warner

Company: Kemper CPA Group

Title: CPA/Auditor

Name: Jen Lawrence

Company: IU Foundations Relations

Title: Executive Director

Name: Phil Powell

Company: Kelley School of Business, IUPUI

Title: Associate Dean


Name: Teresa Bennett

Company: Office of Community Engagement, IUPUI

Title: Assistant Vice Chancellor

Name: Khaula Murtadha

Company: Office of Community Engagement, IUPUI

Title: Associate Vice Chancellor

Name: Emily Scott

Company: LISC

Title: Program Officer



Name: Teresa Bennett

Title: Assistant Vice Chancellor, Office of Community Engagement

Name: Janie Faulkner

Title: Director of Finance, Office of Community Engagement

Name: Elizabeth Davis

Title: Operations Manager

Email: elkdavis@iupui.edu

Name: Steve Thrash

Title: Executive Director

Email: sgthrash@iupui.edu