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LinkedIn article written by James Vena

What makes a person label themselves an entrepreneur? Do they become tired of working for someone else? Are they in-between careers?

A person that labels themselves an entrepreneur is not a superhero nor do they possess superhuman capabilities that are out of reach to the aspiring entrepreneur. There are a number of things and words of wisdom that each aspiring entrepreneur should be aware on their journey to entrepreneurship. Truly knowing oneself is crucial to understanding the "whys" that spark the passion, leadership, and innovation that develop an entrepreneur's will to achieve.

In the LinkedIn article "What is Normal for the Spider is Chaos for the Fly (Understanding the "Inner Entrepreneur")," by James Vena, he discusses the meaning and significance of Intellectual Humility. As entrepreneurs, we use intellectual humility to strive to be lifelong learners, be persistent with our passions, and remain resilient against adversity. Read LinkedIn article here.