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        Ruth Morales

       Ruth Morales

SOURCE RW would like to introduce Ruth Morales, our neighborhood advocate!

Being directly engaged with the residents of the Near West is a vital part of SOURCE RW’s success. Twice each month, we focus on our neighborhoods and their economic development through community discussions hosted by Ruth Morales who is the Mayor's Neighborhood Advocate for Downtown and the Near Westside of Indianapolis.  

Originally assuming the role of Community Coordinator of the Near West Collaborative in August of 2013, she has faithfully served our neighborhoods over the last five years. In January of 2017, Ruth’s move to the Mayor’s Office as a Neighborhood Advocate provided her an opportunity to really make an impact. In this role, she is the Near West's direct link to the Mayor's office, city departments and services.

Ruth offers "Office Hours" two Wednesdays per month which are open to all citizens here at SOURCE RW. The second Wednesday of each month (3p-5p) Ruth focuses on issues and answers questions that face the quality of life within the four neighborhoods and the River West corridor. The third Wednesday of each month (3p-5p) she focuses on economic issues pertinent to the Near West including business opportunities, driving economic growth, and the economic viability of the four Near West and surrounding neighborhoods. As a complement to SOURCE RW’s bilingual business coaching, Ruth welcomes bilingual discussion for Spanish speaking attendees while at SOURCE RW.

“I really appreciate being able to regularly meet with residents at SOURCE RW and directly address their questions and concerns," says Ruth. "It is most beneficial when I am meeting with business owners needing information or presented with an economic development project. These meetings also allow me the opportunity to invite applicable governmental experts to join meeting sessions and address issues expeditiously.”   

Wednesday “Office Hours” are 3p to 5p and always open to the public.