Dan Madden, CEO of From Vine to Wine Tours

Start Date:  On my 65th birthday, January 22, 2018

Regularly, we interview a successful SOURCE RW client to ask how SOURCE RW has impacted their business. This month, we feature Dan Madden, CEO of From Vine to Wine Tours and Fall 2017 Kauffman FastTrac® Business Owners Series graduate.

Dan Madden, Owner

Dan Madden, Owner

From Vine to Wine Tours provides knowledge-driven, fun wine tours and tastings of estate vineyards throughout Southwest Michigan. "Our target audience is central and northern Indiana and the Chicago area,” says Madden.

What made you interested in business ownership?

My wife and I wanted to start a business before retirement.  We are really excited to watching our business grow and prosper.  Our goal is to build and expand our business and, ultimately, sell the business in a few years. 

How did you learn about SOURCE RW?

I was recommended to SOURCE RW through the Indy Chamber.

What business topics have you addressed thus far?

I have learned the basics of business ownership, the importance of market research, which numbers are the most significant and how to better promote my business through my participation in the Kauffman Business Owners Series. 

What “one” thing stands out that you have learned at SOURCE RW, thus far?   

When it comes to business ownership, the buck stops with me.   From Vine to Wine Tours will be what I make out of it. 

What do you anticipate enjoying most about being a business owner?

I really do appreciate being in the situation where the buck stops with me.  I have no reservations in working hard – it leads to success.

If you could tell aspiring business owners one thing before their journey - that you had wished you had known prior to starting your journey - what would that be?  

It’s all about the numbers and numbers never lie.  1 +1 will never equal 3 no matter how badly you want it to equal 3.  The numbers are always, and forever, your guiding light.

How have you benefited from your time at SOURCE RW? 

SOURCE RW provides a very comprehensive portfolio of business education options for the start-up entrepreneur.  I am confident that I will continue to connect with the Center as needs arise in the growth of my business.  Most importantly, under their direction, I have received confirmation that my business concept is a doable business model.  Working with SOURCE RW has made me much more confident in opening my business.