Tuesday, December 11 – 6:30pm-8pm

Founder of Circle City Rebar, Frank Davis, discusses the value of mentors and how to find one

Frank Davis

Frank Davis

Entrepreneurship can sometimes feel like completing an endless “to do” checklist. Come up with an idea? Check. File with the state? Check. Open a business bank account? Check. Find a mentor? Hmm. 

Finding a mentor, unfortunately, often takes a backseat to the more technical aspects of starting or running a business.  

When it comes to small businesses and mentors, 92% of small businesses agree that mentors have a direct impact on the growth and survival of their business. (Kabbage, Inc.). In fact, 89% of small business owners that don’t have a mentor wish they did.  

Mentors use their experience and expertise to act as a sounding board for your ideas. By remaining objective, they can see your business from a fresh perspective and use their experience to gently guide you away from pitfalls they may have seen firsthand. When you find yourself faced with a difficult decision – one that could forever change the path of your business – mentors are often the ones quietly reminding you of the vision you had in the beginning.   

How can you find the perfect business mentor for your entrepreneurship journey? Join us on December 11th for the final 2018 Entrepreneurship Indianapolis workshop. Frank Davis, founder of Circle City Rebar, will share the impact that his mentors and friends have had on his business success.  

The Entrepreneurship Indianapolis series is discussion-driven so be sure to bring your questions! After Frank shares his story, we will discuss what makes a great (and not so great) mentor, mentor/mentee etiquette, and more. 

We hope you can join us on December 11, 2018. Register now!