Stay current! Watch for pink postcards

As an engaged neighbor of the Near West wanting to make the most of our neighborhoods, SOURCE RW is teaming up with the Haughville STRONG Neighborhood Association (HSNA) to promote the Haughville STRONG movement!

You will start noticing pink postcards placed on the doors or windows of local businesses and homes that read, “Haughville Strong!” along with a website link. The link contains pertinent neighborhood information including details on the monthly Haughville Neighborhood Meeting that is open to the public. This is part of a resident-led unified effort to promote and empower residents of Haughville.

SOURCE RW also hosts Haughville’s Community Builder, Drew Rensberger, at our Center on Wednesdays. Drew says, “I strongly believe in the people and in the future of Haughville,” and can often be found engaging residents and encouraging neighbors to join the HSNA.

The HSNA was founded in Fall 2017 by a group of residents who wanted to be more involved in their neighborhood. While the neighborhood already had an active role in the Near West Collaborative, they had a desire to build their own association to continue improving the quality of life of Haughville residents by organizing and empowering those very same residents.

Every HSNA meeting begins with a statement of affirmation. Written by the President, Dr. Toya Crain, this affirmation demonstrates the goals and outlook of the organization. It reads:

The Haughville STRONG Neighborhood Association (HSNA) facilitates community inclusiveness, awareness, investment and involvement to promote a safe, sustainable and vibrant neighborhood. As residents, we promote and share the LOVE with our neighbors and community. We believe in Loving Our Vibrant Environment (LOVE) and today is a new day. A new chapter in our community has begun. We are strong, fearless, proud and confident in who we are, Haughville STRONG. We ARE SOMEBODY and will be somebody the rest of our lives.

Haughville Strong! postcards are available at SOURCE RW anytime from 9am-2pm Monday-Friday and at monthly meetings. If you live in the Haughville area and are interested in learning more, the Haughville STRONG Neighborhood Association meets on the second Tuesday of every month at Christamore House at 5:30pm, located at 502 N Tremont St, Indianapolis, IN 46222.