Mohit Nigam, Co-Chair, SOURCE RW Mentor Connect program

This month’s spotlight is shining on Mohit Nigam, SOURCE RW Advisory Board member and co-chair of our new SOURCE RW Mentor Connect program.

                Mohit Nigam

                Mohit Nigam

"The SOURCE RW Mentor Connect program matches entrepreneurs with seasoned professionals. I wanted to volunteer for this program because this work allows me to utilize my skills and background while learning from and with the individuals that are creating new ventures," says Mohit.

What made you want to be involved with SOURCE RW?

The mission of the organization is admirable. It is a great opportunity to engage in the community and promote growth on the Near West side.

What do you hope clients get out of it?

I hope that entrepreneurs will get to know themselves and their businesses better through Mentor Connect, so that they can truly feel more confident and accomplished on their journey.

What made you interested in business ownership?

My dad. He’s been a successful entrepreneur for 20+ years so now I have to match that or do better.

What have you enjoyed most about being a business owner?

Business ownership is very important to me. I hope that clients are able to gain clarity about their ideas and learn from experienced business leaders in their chosen industry.

What have you enjoyed least about being a business owner?

There are always a hundred things going on, so juggling tasks and prioritizing effectively has to be the most challenging part of the job.

What you say to an entrepreneur who wants to quit?

There is always a point, whether it is a new business or established, where a business owner has to decide to stop or continue. Keeping your eyes on the goal you set out to accomplish, pivot when needed, but stay strong and committed.

If you could tell aspiring business owners just one thing before they begin their journey, what would that be?

You are not going to be able to please everyone. There is just no way, so accept that you will fail, learn from it, and keep pushing forward.