Indy Boomer TV premiered on WFYI 20 this past April – and SOURCE RW was a part of it all! With two segments focusing on the business start-up to scale-up educational opportunities we provide and the recent addition of our Encore Career Series, we found ourselves a big part of their third episode which aired April 24th. 

If you missed the show, Saidah Pearsall, Board Member and local entrepreneur of Shea BODYWORKS, had an opportunity to discuss the “one-on-one attention” that SOURCE RW provides for those struggling to get their business started as well as mentoring and our venture fund program for those looking to scale their business. In a subsequent segment, Mark Roger, Center Director, discussed offering the “idea of business ownership as a viable career option” within the neighborhoods we serve and SOURCE RW’s coaching, workshops, and signature series like our Encore programs: Entrepreneurship for business owners 50yrs+.

Boomer TV, aimed at Indianapolis residents born between 1946 and 1964, previously aired on WISH-TV Channel 8 and will now run on WFYI 20 on Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm. Boomer TV, hosted by Paul Poteet and Julie Patterson, highlights programs, opportunities, and information relevant to the “Baby Boomer” generation living in Indianapolis. 

While SOURCE RW aims to assist all ages and stages of business development, our Encore Series is specifically designed with those age 50+ looking for a “lifestyle career’ to take them into retirement.  Recognizing that this age group is in a unique position for entrepreneurship, SOURCE RW engages, encourages, and educates on how to take the leap into business ownership.

To view upcoming workshops from the Encore Series and more, visit our website!