Three Part Series - $15 each session

Being an entrepreneur involves developing an array of varied skillsets, oftentimes very quickly! Here at SOURCE RW, we aim to provide entrepreneurs with easily accessible resources to learn new skills and identify “best practices” from local business owners providing their real world perspectives.

In this spirit, SOURCE RW and Indiana Originals have teamed up to create a new educational series for Indianapolis entrepreneurs. Our three-part Summer Business Series, made up of standalone sessions that can be taken together or individually, will run June to August. The Series will present business tips from experts on a variety of fundamental topics. From how to use services and new technologies of the US Postal Service to making the most of digital marketing to boost online sales, to creating the perfect 30 second “elevator pitch”, the Series promises to identify useful and practical business ideas.

The partnership between SOURCE RW and Indiana Originals is a natural one as Indiana Originals’ mission is “to create healthier, stronger communities and more jobs in Indiana by encouraging and facilitating a greater use of local, Indiana original businesses.” Here at SOURCE RW, we are all about small business growth and opportunity. Our Summer Business Series will provide valuable insights and information applicable to all small business owners.

Participants are welcome to attend one, two, or all three parts of the series, but are asked to register in advance. To do so, and for more information, find us online at All workshops will take place at SOURCE RW, 2230 W. Michigan St.

Workshop topics and presenters will be:

"Shipping Solutions and New Technologies” | Thursday, June 21, 2018 | 8:30am-10am

Presenter: Faith McKinney, USPS worker for 29+ years

                     Faith McKinney

                     Faith McKinney

When it comes to shipping your products, the choices on how to do so can be overwhelming! Whether your business is large or small, shipping solutions at USPS are crafted to help you grow. Learn about the most cost-effective shipping methods for your specific business in this informative, money saving workshop.

Speaker, Faith McKinney, is a Hoosier who has worked for The USPS for over 29 years. One year ago she joined the Sales Team, which is a perfect fit for her personality and love of people. Faith has a lot of experience working with Small Business owners throughout the state of Indiana and offers a wealth of knowledge and resources. Faith lives in Indianapolis with her husband and daughter and is very proud of her newly married son and daughter-in-law. Fun fact: Faith loves skydiving!

" Digital Marketing for Online Sales – Are you growing your business or spinning your wheels? ” | Thursday, July 19, 2018 | 8:30am-10am

Presenter: Ryan Hickey, Founder of Pulp Functions and native Hoosier

                           Ryan Hickey

                           Ryan Hickey

Business owners and organizational leaders: Are you gaining traction or spinning your wheels when it comes to digital marketing for your brand? Pulp Functions helps small-to-medium sized businesses and non-profit organizations with digital marketing strategy and ongoing management. If you find that you or your team is struggling to connect with existing customers or engage with new leads, this seminar is designed to help you figure out why that may be happening. Come ready to interact and participate.

In 2013, Hickey re-branded his event services company into Pulp Functions, adding digital marketing strategy and management to the list of services they offered. Pulp Functions helps businesses achieve new business growth through tools such as targeted social media advertising, fresh website content and email marketing. He spends the majority of his time developing new business and helping clients work through unique marketing challenges.

" Perfecting Your Presentation: How to tell someone who you are, what you do, and how you can help in 30 seconds or less ” | Thursday, August 16, 2018 | 8am-10:30am

Presenter: Mel McMahon Stone, Co-Founder of Indiana Originals, and radio and television personality

                       Mel McMahon Stone

                       Mel McMahon Stone

In sales, you often have 30 seconds or less to keep someone interested in what you are offering. In this workshop, we will dive into the elements of an "elevator" speech, dissect the elevator speech you are using now, and perfect a pitch you can start using immediately.

Mel McMahon Stone is an entrepreneur, radio and television personality, and local business activist. She and her husband, Lance, are the co-founders of Indiana Originals, a growing statewide directory of locally owned and operated businesses headquartered in Indiana. Mel is a board member of the Indiana Chapter of the TEARS Foundation and the Better Business Bureau of Central Indiana. She is currently heard on 93.1 WIBC, Country 97.1 HANK FM, and B105.7 and often seen on WISH-TV8’s Indy Style and Fox59’s Morning News.