Monthly workshops

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Business Trends- August Workshop

August 8th   6:00 - 7:30pm

SOURCE River West, 2230 West Michigan Street

Instructor: Mark A. Roger, Center Director

A practical guide for identifying pertinent business trends in 2017. Join us as we identify the state of entrepreneurship marketplace, evaluate the new business fundamentals and "profit models," and understand the new strategies of business ownership. The workshop is free and open to the public.

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SBA Fund Sourcing - LIVE from SOURCE River West

August 22nd 8:30 - 10:00 am

Available online through Skype and AT&T Connect - contact SOURCE RW for more info

SOURCE River West, 2230 West Michigan Street

Instructor:  Ronda K. Crouch, Economic Development Specialist for US Small Business Adminstration

Funding your business is often the most complicated part of business ownership.  Each month, Ronda Crouch, an Economic Development Specialist and Financial Literacy Liaison with SBA, will showcase various funding options on behalf of the U.S. Small Business Administration. These unique workshops are not only available to attend in person from 8:30a-10a on the fourth Tuesday each month at SOURCE RW, but will be broadcast live as a webinar via both AT&T Connect and Skype.  Regardless if you are in Indianapolis or beyond, learn about funding your business from the experts from your home or office. 

August’s topic:  The 3 C’s of SBA – Counseling, Capital, Contracting.  These workshops are a great opportunity for business owners and potential owners to get informed!  Learn the fundamental, three“C’s” of SBA – no cost business “Counseling” resources, overview of “Credit” programs, and introduction to Federal “Contracting”.


Thinking Like a Business Owner- September Workshop

SOURCE River West, 2230 West Michigan Street

Instructor: Mark A. Roger, Center Director

If you are considering business ownership, this “beginners” workshop is for you! This session is a practical guide to evaluating entrepreneurship in 2017. Join us as we identify the fundamentals of business ownership, discuss the characteristics of successful business owners, and evaluate how your personal preferences apply to various types of business models. Learn more and determine if entrepreneurship is right for you. Discussions will include entrepreneurship resources available in Indiana and incorporate the teachings of Shark Tank and The Profit. The workshop is free and open to the public.

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Series workshops


Beginning August 15th:  Downtown:  Open for Business; featured presenter is Starla Hart of Great Places.

6:30pm - 8:00pm on the third Tuesday of the month.

This is a discussion driven series that identifies trending businesses ideas, new business fundamentals and pertinent business concepts in our new economy.  This unique, interactive series attempts to inspire entrepreneurship.  Free sessions offer standalone educational discussions addressing business ownership issues from concept, to start-up, to scaling your business. 

Entrepreneurship Indianapolis is a discussion driven series that identifies trending businesses ideas, new business fundamentals and pertinent business concepts in our new economy.  August’s discussion will be Downtown:  Open for Business showcasing Indianapolis’ Near West and surrounding neighborhoods.  Join us as we review the economics and demographics of the people, businesses and industries that make-up the Near West and surrounding areas in our Downtown.  Starla Hart, Program Officer of Great Places 2020, will share her firsthand experiences as both a previous Near West business owner and her current roll of community leader for LISC and Great Places 2020. 

A discussion ideal for anyone considering business ownership in downtown Indianapolis. Each month, featured guest speakers provide their first-hand entrepreneurial perspectives.  Speakers range from local business owners sharing their entrepreneur and franchise start-up experiences, to local SBA advisers identifying funding options for first time business owners, to local development officers addressing opportunities within River West and surrounding areas.

Facilitator:  Mark A. Roger, Center Director

Starla Hart - Downtown: Open for Business

Starla Hart - Downtown: Open for Business


Kauffman Business Owner Education Series

6:00pm - 9:00pm on Thursdays, beginning September 14

This is a 9-week course with a proven framework to help support aspiring entrepreneurs start businesses and begin their journeys to success.  Our program is based upon the Kauffman FastTrac® program which gives entrepreneurs the foundation and network needed to succeed. Your business is your dream. Gain the tools to make it a reality. Courses are geared towards entrepreneurs who want to explore the next stage of growth. Classes meet 1 night a week

Teaching this course will be Denise Herd. Utilizing decades of experience in marketing, public relations and strategic communication, Herd launched Herd Strategies, a full-service public relations and marketing firm, in 2011.  Outside of the business, Herd is a highly sought-after public speaker and workshop facilitator. She is passionate about developing businesses, and is a certified facilitator of the Kauffman Foundation FastTrac New Venture program guiding startup entrepreneurs through all phases of business ownership.

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    Course Curriculum

    • Session 1: Exploring Entrepreneurship
    • Session 2: Building the Organization/Team
    • Session 3: Identifying/Meeting Market Needs
    • Session 4: Setting Financial Goals/Cash Flow/Seeking Funds
    • Session 5: Planning the Product/Service
    • Session 6: Researching/Analyzing the Market
    • Session 7: Researching the Market
    • Session 8: Planning for a Profitable Business
    • Session 9: Implementing Your Plan

    QuickBooks for Start Ups!

    Want to learn how to use QuickBooks in your new or growing business?  Or are you using QuickBooks and finding it overwhelming?   You are not alone.

    Learn the basics, affirm what you already know, and gain the additional knowledge and confidence you have been seeking.  This 3-hour course will cover "how to" to some "tips and tricks" of successful QuickBooks users.  Our goal is to ensure you are a more comfortable and confident QuickBooks user.

    Our course is taught with limited "accounting jargon" so you will find it easy to follow along.  Our instructor, Becky Massa, is a QuickBooks and accounting expert, with extensive hands-on "real world" experience handling the accounting function in businesses and consulting with other companies.

    For assitance, please call 317-737-2155.