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Entrepreneurship Indianapolis is a free, discussion driven series that identifies trending businesses ideas,new business fundamentals and pertinent business concepts in Indiana. This unique, interactive series attempts to inspire entrepreneurship. 

Free sessions offer standalone educational discussions addressing business ownership issues from concept, to start-up, to scaling your business. A discussion ideal for anyone considering business ownership in downtown Indianapolis. Each month, featured guest speakers provide their first-hand entrepreneurial perspectives.

Speakers range from local business owners sharing their entrepreneur and franchise start-up experiences, to local SBA advisers identifying funding options for first time business owners, to local development officers highlighting economic developments.

Going to Market and Promoting Your Business

Date: Tuesday, November 13 - 6:30-8pm

Speaker: Mel McMahon-Stone, Co-Founder of Indiana Originals

Having your product or service “stand out” in the market is more challenging than ever. 

 Mel McMahon-Stone

Mel McMahon-Stone

Local businesses are popping up everywhere, but do they really have what it takes to compete with the big box stores?

Join us on Tuesday, Nov 13 to learn on the topic of marketing and promoting your small business. Mel McMahon-Stone’s passion is to encourage local preference and facilitate greater use of local businesses, services, art, food, etc. As the co-founder of Indiana Originals, she assists local entrepreneurs in getting their products, businesses, and services in front of customers with a local preference. 

Mel will also be discussing how she identifies the value proposition of a company and how to make the most of your marketing dollar.

You are welcome to bring marketing questions specific to your small business. This series is discussion-based and allows participants to have the chance to learn from everyone in the room!

Identifying a “Best Fit” business Mentor

Date: Tuesday, December - 6:30-8pm

Speaker: Frank Davis, Owner of Circle City Rebar

“Once you embrace the absolute truth that every leader needs a mentor, you can begin to achieve the massive growth and success that you seek.” - Clay Clark

 Frank Davis

Frank Davis

Have you met someone who inspired you to succeed?  Ask any successful business person and they will undoubtedly have at least one mentor that made an impact on their career. From counselors to confidants, Frank Davis will share the impact that his mentors, and friends, have had on him as a successful, local business owner of Circle City Rebar.

After hearing Frank’s story, join in the discussion about how to find a well-suited mentor for yourself, what characteristics to look for, proper mentor/mentee etiquette, and more! Bring your questions.