It’s a fact - 94% of all businesses with a marketing department use social media as part of their marketing plan.

How you introduce yourself to the business world makes a significant impact on your career.  What could once be accomplished by a traditional website now needs to be supplemented by social media.  Looking someone up on LinkedIn before a meeting is commonplace. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have become an increasingly important part of an individual’s career development plan or any business’s marketing plan. 

On November 15th, from 6:30p-8p, join SOURCE RW for a free Social Media User Group- Interest Meeting.  We are looking to start-up a User Group to share ideas, best practices and strategies on using social media to promote yourself professionally and promote your business.  

From true beginners to regular LinkedIn users, all proficiency levels are welcome.  With social media, you can never know too much.  Ideal if you are looking to update your digital persona or incorporate more social media you’re your business?  Navigating this strange, new world can be quite confusing at first, so please join SOURCE RW for this opportunity to learn more about social media and how best to professionally incorporate it into our life.

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