New! Encore Programs: Entrepreneurship for Business Owners 50yrs+

The Encore Programs are created especially for those seeking a second or lifestyle career at age 50+. Instead of leaving work behind, many are finding that starting a business or scaling their existing business provides an exciting new chapter to their lives. Encore Programs meet bi-weekly on Thursdays and alternates between free discussion sessions ("What's Your Next") and kick-starter sessions that provide a hands-on approach to addressing pertinent business ownership issues ("Encore Career Toolbox").


Encore Series: Encore Career Toolbox (hands-on approach):

Being a business owner when you are 50+ can seem a bit overwhelming in our ever changing business environment. From understanding how to improve your networking skills, to highlighting the value proposition of your product/service in 2018, to generating referrals through social media, to establishing yourself on LinkedIn, the Encore Career Toolbox provides a hands-on approach to make your transition a smooth one. 

February 1, 2018,  8:30am-10am (coffee at 8:30am), $15

February Topic:  Establishing Yourself on Social Media

Facilitator: Mark Roger, Center Director


We will identify social media tools that make business ownership a successful part of a lifestyle career. Social media can be used to improve networking, highlight the value proposition of your product/service, and generate referrals. This Encore Career Toolbox session will help you establish or enhance your social media presence and envision an effective social media strategy.


We hope you enjoyed the free discussion session on this topic.

Encore Series: What's Your Next:

January 18, 2018, 8:30am-10am (coffee at 8:30am), Free

January Topic: What All Encore Business Owners Have in Common

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