SOURCE River West, 2230 West Michigan Street

Instructor: Becky Massa, QuickBooks and accounting expert

Workshop Fee: $125

Are you ready for the next level of QuickBooks? Have you mastered the basics and now wish to know more?

QuickBooks for Start-Ups II will provide more in-depth knowledge for intermediate users, as well as "tips and tricks" helpful to all QuickBooks users. This class will dive into Bank Downloads, QuickBooks Banking Rules, Job and Class accounting, Customer Reporting, and much more!

Our course is taught with limited "accounting jargon" so you will find it easy to follow along. Our instructor, Becky Massa, is a QuickBooks and accounting expert, with extensive hands-on "real world" experience handling the accounting function in businesses and consulting with other companies.

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Contact us at or 317-737-2155 for more information!