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SOURCE space is available to rent for community and organization meetings, workshops, retreats, events, and more.

If you are looking to rent a fabulous space, close to downtown, for your upcoming meeting and or event, SOURCE River West Entrepreneurship Center is the space for you. Our cozy interior fits about 40 people and has access to a rear office. Fall in love with modern decor! Our space also comes with collapsible tables and chairs for your convenience.

Great Place Neighborhoods


Everyone’s life is better when they live in an economically healthy city. Indianapolis must compete, now more than ever, with surrounding counties and peer cities to attract and retain residents, businesses, and investment. Young people are particularly drawn to cities that have dynamic urban places and a thriving culture. According to the Project for Public Spaces, a city must have a number of great places to be a community where people choose to live, work, and play.

Indianapolis has some great places to be sure: Fountain Square, Irvington, Broad Ripple, Downtown, and others. But, we need to be more proactive in growing these places as we continue to compete both regionally and nationally. Great Places 2020 is an initiative created to respond to this need. The effort seeks to transform strategic places in Marion County into dynamic urban villages. These places already have great assets and potential, but they also have challenges that this process hopes to address.. Philanthropic, civic, and private partners will engage with neighborhoods to make significant social and capital investments to enhance quality of life and spur private investment.

As a collective impact initiative, Great Places 2020 counts on the contributions of many for its success—from neighborhood stakeholders at each of the Great Places to citywide investment partners. The initial implementation partners are:

Near West Opportunity Task Force

Near West Livability is a project focused task force. We build professional capacity within our neighborhood by providing support and a clear pathway for residents to bring their ideas to fruition. We connect outside organizations and city wide initiatives to passionate and informed residents who can assist in raising the efficacy of their programs within the Near West. We are residents working to help ourselves and the Neighborhoods around us.

SOURCE works closely with the Near West Opportunity Task Force and hosts meetings on the second Monday of every month at 5:30pm

Local Initiatives Support Corporation (L.I.S.C.)

In 1979, when the Ford Foundation first conceived of LISC, it envisioned an “intermediary”—a smart and nimble non-profit that would connect hard-to-tap public and private resources with under invested places and people working to access opportunities everyone of us deserves.

Riley Area Development Corporation

Serving businesses, residents, social service agencies, and public facilities in downtown Indianapolis, Riley Area Development Corporation functions with the purpose of facilitating business growth, social and human services development and affordable housing working in partnerships across several neighborhoods.


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Westside Community Development Corporation

Neighborhood residents formed the West Indianapolis Development Corporation (WIDC) in 1992. Guided by a belief that, after 130 years, West Indianapolis remains viable, WIDC seeks to serve the community through programs that improve housing, business, and the environment.

Business Ownership Initiative

The Business Ownership Initiative (BOI) aims to help Central Indiana residents start and grow businesses.  To do so, BOI offers free one-on-one business coaching, access to financing, business workshops, and online business courses.


SOURCE River West is mentoring through a partnership with SCORE.

SCORE Indianapolis is the premier source of free small business advice for entrepreneurs. We are a volunteer, non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the success of small business in Central Indiana.