Jason Andrews SEED fund

Honoring the memory of Jason R. Andrews, Board Member and Co-Founder of the Seed Fund Committee

small business assistance

Thanks to the generous support of the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust, SOURCE River West is able to offer small business grants to local entrepreneurs. These funds (ranging between $500 - $2,000) can be used to either start-up or scale-up small businesses, particularly those located on the Near West side of Indianapolis.

SOURCE River West seeks to fund start-up and scale-up ventures which include:

  • Near West Indianapolis residents who want to launch a new business;

  • Local entrepreneurs who appreciate the Near West's proximity to large city anchors and affordable entry into commercial, retail, and light industrial spaces;

  • Small business owners in and around the Near West and the River West corridor of Indianapolis who desire to grow and improve their business operations.

As part of the eligibility to receive funding, an individual must have a history of engagement with SOURCE River West. Eligibility will be determined by completing a minimum of four instances of attendance at SOURCE River West within the previous six months in any combination of:

  • One-on-one business coaching

  • Workshop/Series attendance

If you would like to apply for the Seed Fund, the first step is to fill out the pre-proposal form below. Forms will be reviewed on the 1st of each month and if found to be eligible, you will be invited to complete a full proposal form.

Recipients of Seed Funds are required to complete an online survey at 6 months and 1 year as part of the Seed Fund process. Grantees will also agree to participate in regularly scheduled coaching sessions, mentor meetings, and/or meetings with the Executive Director on designated dates until which time all funds have been exhausted by the grantee.


Seed Fund Pre-Proposal Form

Please complete the form below

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Business Address
If your business is up and running, please list its address here, even if it is the same as your home address.
Please indicate how long your business has been operating since incorporation.
If your business is a start-up, please indicate how long it will be before your anticipated date of incorporation.
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This business is located within and/or serves residents of Indianapolis' Near West neighborhoods.
Type of ownership, gross revenue, number of employees, years in business, etc.
Please note that this grant provides funds in the range of $500-$2,000.
Please describe what these funds will be used for and how they will assist in starting/scaling up this business.
Name, title, phone number, and/or email address
I hereby grant permission for SOURCE and BOI to share stastical and demographic data explicitly for client management, grant, and other reporting.

Please email any supporting documents (Cash management reports, Financial projections/budgets, 1-page business plan, etc.) to info@sourcerw.org.